cropped-btw-june.jpgBytown Walkers train year round on the streets and along the pathways of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s national capital region. We walk! It is our activity of choice. Walking is a sport in its own right, not a means of preparation for other sports or general cross-training.

As a club, we practice the Race Walking technique – the fastest and most efficient method of walking yet devised. While not everyone will aspire to meet the rules of judged competition, everyone will walk better by moving in easily learned ways towards the technique described in those rules.

Bytown walking programs are geared to 3 streams of walkers:

  • Fitness Walking
  • Competitive Walking
  • Race Walking

You can transform your normal walking into a technique that maximizes fitness benefits for your muscles and your endurance.  If you choose, we can refine your technique so that you can walk competitively, either in community road races, or in specialized race walking events.

training for 2020b


“Speedy Sunday” Race Walks, Indoor Season 2020

The Dome, Louis Riel High School, Bearbrook Road, Ottawa

All programs begin at 15h30 with a 1000m “warm-up” – not judged or sanctioned

The second race (properly judged and sanctioned by Athletics Ontario) will start at 16h05. (We may start earlier if all are ready, but we prefer to let the soccer field changehappen on the hour to avoid “race walker v soccer enthusiast” incidents.)

Jan. 5th   2000m

Jan. 19th  3000m

Feb. 9th  3000m & 5000m (both together)

Click here for entry form:   SpeedySunEntry