The club provides programming in three aspects of walking:  fitness walking, competitive walking and judged race walking (see Programming Levels).  The club sees these three aspects as complementary;  in most respects, members train together, each seeking appropriate goals, which may range from local and provincial events to national and international championships.

The Coaching Team

Training for Bytown Walkers is provided through a team of coaches who have been fully trained and certified through the National Coaching Certification Program.  The Bytown Walkers coaching team regularly attend meetings where they receive training and review coaching materials. They are responsible for designing workouts and leading training sessions.  The coaching team also provides opportunities for Club members to attend skill sessions and Speedy Sunday track races.

The coaching team demonstrates their commitment to supporting Bytown athletes through their design of and presence at workouts; where they create an environment of mutual support. At all times the team ensures, to the very best of their ability, that our athletes train and compete in safe settings.

For more information, see Club Workouts and Give it a Try !

Bytown Walkers Club Workout May 30 at Majors Hill Park

(Congratulations to front row who raced at Ottawa Race Weekend & Art Keay Memorial Race Walks!)