If you are a resident of Canada, but not of Ottawa, you can still benefit from Bytown Walkers’ programs with our e-Membership. e-Members are full club members in all practical senses.

Benefits to e-Members:

  • Personal access to one of the Club’s coaches, up to two hours of email or phone contact per month for regular training and competition advice;
  • Access to the Bytown Bulletin and other regularly distributed material;
  • (optional) Video analysis twice per year (based on video provided by e-member);
  • Access to all regular club activities during any visit to Ottawa;
  • Access to wider opportunities in the sport;
  • (optional) a Walkabout workshop in the e-Member’s community, should the e-Member agree to coordinate arrangements (costs to be negotiated according to each request).

In order to make e-Membership a fulfilling experience, and in order not to overburden coaches, a maximum of 3 e-Memberships per coach are available.

e-Membership costs:

  1. Club Fees: e-Members pay the same membership fee as other members. The annual fee is $150, with a half-yearly option of $75 (Jan-Jun/ Jul-Dec).
  2. Provincial Registration Fees: e-Members who are residents of Ontario must also register with one of two provincial governing bodies: Athletics Ontario (AO) or Ontario Masters Athletics (OMA).

Courtesy to other clubs:

Bytown e-Memberships are intended to improve access to quality walking programs and to provide opportunities in areas where none presently exist. It is not our intention to obstruct the programming of already established clubs or deprive them of potential members.

If you live within an approximate 100 km radius of an established walking club, registered with Athletics Ontario or an equivalent provincial or territorial Athletics association, we would first refer you to that club. Your application for Bytown e-Membership will be accepted only if the other club is not able to provide an equivalent affiliation.