“One Hour” Race Walk

2023 One Hour Race – April 16th – Louis Riel Dome. Entry: OneHourEntryFull2023

2022 Results:  OneHourResults22FinalPub

2021 Virtual One Hour Results:  OneHour2021Results

First held in Ottawa in 2008, the Bytown One Hour Race Walk has become an annual indoor event hosted by the Bytown Walkers Club de marche at the Louis Riel Dome.  The track is an indoor, 400 metre, mondo surface track in Ottawa’s east end. The goal is to go as far as you can in exactly one hour.

The One Hour race dates back to a period in time when few in any given community may have had a watch, let alone a stop watch. But everyone could hear the chime of the church clock.

US Postal Competition

The One Hour race is once more part of the US One Hour Postal series for 2016.
In the days before travel was as practical and easy as it is today, standard competitions would routinely be advertised for anywhere that wanted to host one on a certain date or time period. Results would then be posted (mailed) to a central authority, which would compile and publish the combined results as if everyone had competed together. It was a good way to spice up local competitions and strengthen ties despite the distances keeping people apart.  The One Hour Postal event is still thriving and brings together around 15 races in three countries.

Some photos of the 12th Annual One Hour races on April 14th, 2019, walkers and officials…..