Fitness walking:

Fitness walking is walking done with the specific intent of significantly increasing stamina, strength, and skill. This intent is accepted to involve a planned, progressive regime of athletic training, but no external measures of prowess are inherently required.

Competitive Walking:

The preparation for, and participation in, endurance activities where prowess is measured by time or distance, with the general goal of improving one’s own walking ability and performance. Competitive Walking includes Race Walking, but also includes walking as normally accepted, where strict compliance to the IAAF rules is not required, or where other definitions and rules may apply.

Race Walking:

The event in Track and Field Athletics defined and described in Rule 230 of the Handbook of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). In Canada, this event is presently under the jurisdiction of Athletics Canada, working through provincial Athletics associations (such as the Ontario Track and Field Association.)

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